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Universe Baby Picture - Planck #7

ESA Planck LFI/HFI Skymap - 9-frequency (30,44,70,100,143,217,353,545,857 GHz)
Mollweide Galactic Projection

This is a free interpretation of the data - using a color mapping inspired by the pink and blue swaddling blankets used for newborn infants.  A discussion of this project is here.

This is a zoomable window into the full-resolution version of this image -  - Visualization 2013 Jonathan Feldschuh

You can see a  medium-resolution jpeg  (2400 x 1200) of this image.  Please contact me regarding a full resolution (6000 x 3000) image.

This visualization was created using the original FITS data from the European Space Agency Planck Satellite. Nine channels of information in various microwave frequencies have been combined to create a single colored image.  Thanks to Aladin/CDS for assistance in extracting the HEALPix data to a Mollweide projection.

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