Citizen/Artist – curated by Julia Buntaine-Hoel

The term “citizen scientist” has become increasingly popular with the rise of DIY and crowdsourcing culture, where volunteer citizens can expand the capabilities and reach of scientists for the creation of larger and more comprehensive studies. Thanks to new apps and web-based platforms, the ability to participate in science is available outside of academia and industry. Science can now be done by a 14 year-old on her laptop, or an 80 year-old in his backyard garden. Citizens from all over the world are helping to solve some of our biggest and most complicated problems. And some of these citizen scientists, are artists.

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Resonators – 524W26 Gallery

Particles and Colliders

The show Resonators at 524 Gallery in Chelsea provides the first opportunity for me to present works together from two series that deal with high-energy physics. My new series Particles is an investigation into the interactions of subatomic particles inside an accelerator. It follows my Large Hadron Collider series of paintings of the machinery of the largest accelerator in the world, the LHC at CERN. The collider paintings were most recently exhibited at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. In the new series, I am attempting to depict the super-small world of high energy collisions, filled with virtual particles, quantum loops, and hadronic jets.

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